OPERATOR: We have Owen and Kaelyn Brayden on the line. I’m going to patch them through.

MRS. OBAMA: Okay, sounds good.

OPERATOR: Thank you.

MRS. OBAMA: Hello?

MRS. BRAYDEN: Hi, is this Mrs. Obama?

MRS. OBAMA: Yes, it is. This is Mrs. Obama. How may I help you?

MRS. BRAYDEN: Well, we were just calling to see where Santa is at right now.

MRS. OBAMA: Oh, well, let me check the tracker, because — do I have some callers on the line who are interested in finding out where Santa is?


MRS. OBAMA: Who’s there?

MRS. BRAYDEN: (Inaudible.)

MRS. OBAMA: Oh, my goodness. Have they been good all year?

MRS. BRAYDEN: They have this year.

MRS. OBAMA: That’s excellent. Well, it looks like, from the tracker, that — I see a little dot flashing, and it looks like Santa is just flying over Estonia.

MRS. BRAYDEN: Oh, okay. Well, my kids wanted to ask you a question; so did my brother, if you don’t mind.


MRS. BRAYDEN: Well, thank you.

KAELYN: Hi, Mrs. Obama.

MRS. OBAMA: How are you, sweetie?

KAELYN: I’m good. How are you?

MRS. OBAMA: Good. What’s your question?

KAELYN: I would like to know, how many fireplaces do you guys have in the White House?

MRS. OBAMA: Oh, gosh, that’s a very good question, and I should know. There’s almost a fireplace in every single room, and there are dozens and dozens of rooms.

KAELYN: Oh, my gosh. That’s really cool.

MRS. OBAMA: But the fireplace that we — that Santa usually comes down in our — in the White House is in the Yellow Oval Room. Yeah, that’s where we put our Santa tree. And he usually comes down that one, and that’s where Malia and Sasha get their gifts. What about you? Where’s your Christmas tree?

KAELYN: It’s in our family room or our living room.

MRS. OBAMA: That’s exciting. Isn’t this, like, the best night of the whole year?

KAELYN: Yeah, I’m really excited. (Laughter.) If you don’t mind, my little brother would like to ask you one more question.


KAELYN: Okay, have a merry Christmas.

MRS. OBAMA: Okay, you, too.

OWEN: Hi, Mrs. Obama.

MRS. OBAMA: Hi, sweetie. How are you?

OWEN: Good. How about you?

MRS. OBAMA: I’m doing great. Just excited that it’s Christmas Eve. Aren’t you?

OWEN: Yes, so am I. I was wondering, when will Santa be in Abbottstown, Pennsylvania?

MRS. OBAMA: He kind of moves — right now, he’s over Estonia. But generally, he can hop all across the globe at any time, because he doesn’t get to your house until you’re asleep, and kids go to sleep at different times. So right now he’s in Estonia, according to the NORAD tracker. But he will be at your house as soon as every child in the house is asleep.

OWEN: Okay.

MRS. OBAMA: Yeah, so you want to make sure you get to bed early, and the sooner you go to sleep, the sooner he’ll be there.

MR. BRAYDEN: Well, thank you for the advice. What do you want for Christmas this year from Santa?

MRS. OBAMA: Who, me?


MRS. OBAMA: Oh, my goodness. I have what I wanted for Christmas: the President is here with us, and we’re all together as a family. I think we were all praying and praying, and asking Santa, and the Tooth Fairy, and every fairy that they could think of — that’s what Malia and Sasha were doing — that he would be able to be with us on Christmas.

MR. BRAYDEN: So cool. How nice to talk to you, Mrs. Obama. We really appreciate it.

MRS. OBAMA: Thanks so much. You all have a merry, merry Christmas.

MR. BRAYDEN: You, too. Have a great Christmas, Mrs. Obama.

MRS. OBAMA: Okay, we will. Bye-bye.